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Helpful hints and suggestions and a bit of marketing for the site. Free to list, Free to browse and you don't need to create an account till you post a property or you wish to contact someone about a listed property. Please make sure to read our USER AGREEMENT that covers some of our policies.

List Real Estate - LRE:

  • 2,000 characters of text, 24 free photos, private messaging system, plus check under features and we offer all.
  • Featured Listing, Better Placement and Bolding are chargeable extras.
  • We also offer other chargeable advertising opportunities. Contact Us.
  • We advertise on numerous regional sites. Namely;,,, and many more drawing over 100,000 unique visitors per year combined.
  • Dedicated, regional, marketing web sites drawing people to the region and it's amenities.

Why Choose LRE:

  • First, because what we offer for free, is the core of what others charge for.
  • We expand your territory. Listing from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay and throughout the Central Ontario Region. Example: a person from the GTA may travel 2 hours to a property. A two-hour drive will get you to most of Central Ontario.
  • Check the 24 photos above and you'll find they're fast, clean and clear.
  • Central Ontario is the most desirable area to live, retire and play in.

LRE: for the professional.

  • If you're a Real Estate Professional you'll appreciate the private messaging system. Even if your email address is attached to your brokers Company Name you can communicate privately and securely with your client from here. As the market swings dictate a buyers market, that's a feature you'll really appreciate.
  • Ease of listing. An intuitive system that looks after your needs and, if required, we can add features that we feel are best for all.
  • We mix private and agency listings so that all may benefit from the others' traffic. The big retailers found years ago that they did best in malls, where they mixed with their peers and small private retailers.
  • For the same reason print puts all listing in one area, each listing is an unrestricted drawing card for all the others who list there. Few, if any, private listings are found on costly print sheet s..
  • You can be assured that your messages will not be captured by us, eliminating the potential your leads can be passed on to others. Your system is unique to your listing, not to one URL like, we are a service built and maintained on trust.

LRE: Some Features.

  • My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish.. day or night.
  • "Listing" process is very simple to use. Our site guides you through each step of the process which only takes a minute or two before your listing is live on the site.
  • "My Active Listings" page allows you to view a list of your "Active Listings" on the site, as well as, edit those listings.
  • "My Expired Listings" page allows you to view listings that have recently expired on the site.
  • "Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with buyers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. Message system offers a "private"
  • setting for you to keep your email private to other sellers and buyers on the site.
  • "Browse by thumbnails" feature allows for the first photo you upload to be displayed as a thumbnail image while visitors are browsing the site.
  • "Seller's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the listing display page for your potential buyers to view all of your other listings that are currently active on the site.
  • "Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows visitors to your listing to quickly send an listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system.
  • "Contact Seller" link is explicitly located on each listing page for your buyers to contact you directly with any questions they may have concerning your listing. The listing title and id is automatically included in the message that is sent for quick reference.
  • "Listing Extras" features allow you to add additional indicators to your listing to attract more attention from potential buyers while they are browsing the site.
  • "Featured Listing" status gives your listing some additional exposure at the top of all browse listing pages.
  • "Better Placement" feature gives your listing priority (higher placement within table) over other listings within that same category.
  • "Bolding" feature bolds the text in your listing and changes the background color for additional attention.

Our Sample Listing: -- Click here to View

Below the photos are 4 detailed areas. Summery, Details, Contact and Map. We cannot stress enough that a clean, informative and fast listing makes a huge difference to those browsing. Constancy from listing to listing, whether it be from an agent or an owner, shows professionalism. Listing here is easy. People like to know who or what they're dealing with so make your profile photo you or your company logo or something catchy and related.

  • Photos are displayed at a maximum size of 750 pixels x 750 pixels automatically sized by the system.
  • Our photos are uploaded at 750 pixels x 470 pixels x 72 DPI and average 57.7 K per pic.
  • The system scales them to 150 pixels for thumbnails and to 1300 x 800 in the slide show.
  • Clean, clear and crisp. The size and our server makes them and the listing lightening fast.
  • You can get as fancy as you wish here, we prefer to place things in point form for the reader.
  • If you wish to do some formatting make sure to turn or leave the wysiwyg editor on
  • 2,000 characters which equals about 400 words are provided for here.
  • Links are not allowed here so the system automatically strips them out if you put them in.
  • Don't let your customer leave because of slow generation.
  • These are the standard features for most listings, you simply check what applies when you fill out your listing.
  • This is an area we will add to or take from making sure our work doesn't affect an listings that are already live.
  • As a potential client of yours can use this, or any item for that matter, in search it is important you select all that apply.
Contact / Map
  • If you wish accuracy you must have the correct address for the Goggle Map provided here.
  • The Contact is the messaging system that we provide for your so you have privacy and security in your communications with clients.
  • If you wish to make sure the mapping address is correct, go to Goggle Maps and click on or near where you wish and the address will show up at the bottom.